Friday, December 22, 2017

Poor Man's Lobster

Ain't tried it yet, but will soon.


Anonymous said...

Lake perch works well too.

Anonymous said...


Bobby Ahr

Unknown said...

Rockfish and monkfish are among the fish that are known as "poor man's lobster" without doing anything special to 'em, but the resemblance can be enhanced by steaming or poaching 'em in some sweetened condensed milk; no lemon or other acid required, except for seasoning.

I cringed when I watched the guy cut the lemon, and then when I watched him cut the cod. His knife isn't anywhere near as sharp as it ought to be. And while I'm finding fault, somebody ought to clue him that store-bought "Lemon Pepper" seasoning is mostly salt; when I want to season something with "lemon pepper" I use LEMON and PEPPER.

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