Wednesday, December 20, 2017

"Save The Snowflakes - Stop Triggering Them"

Cuzzin Ricky


clayusmcret said...

I can't believe they shaved the underarm of the woman in the snowflake drawing. That was so offensive!

Anonymous said...

When I saw that there was time left, and before I realized that it would be filled with a pitch for the MRC Alaskan cruise, I thought the last part of the video would say, "Just kidding, Snowflakes! We don't really give a fuck if you're 'triggered'!"

Caballero Andante

Leonard Jones said...

I want them triggered! I want to see them paralyzed by Hebephrenia,
lying around in an almost catatonic state. I want them suffering
paroxysms of oblique.

People who take courses in Eskimo lesbian dance theory and cultural
anthropology need the safety of a rubber room because they are a
danger to themselves.

Ralph Gizzip said...

My new response to snowflakes I've triggered is:

Anonymous said...

feed 'em beans.


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