Sunday, February 26, 2017


Hey There!

Keep right on Global Warming!

Hey There!

Dear Susan:


Dear Susan, You ignorant slut ....

Sen. Susan Collins said she thinks the Intelligence Committee could subpoena President Donald Trump’s tax records as part of its investigation into Russian interference in last year’s election if that’s where the evidence leads. -

But, Susan, what about...

Let’s be clear: Hillary Clinton did not lose the 2016 election because of Russian meddling or WikiLeaks.
And here is the proof: WikiLeaks began publishing its trove of Democratic National Committee emails on July 22, 2016, three days before the Democratic National Convention. By then, Hillary Clinton was already in a deep hole with American voters.

Long before WikiLeaks, Americans had concluded that Clinton was a congenital liar. (WaPost,  Marc A. Thiessen  January 9)

Surprise! WikiLeaks' Assange Backs Trump on Russia Hacking Report (Mother Jones)

It is clearly designed for political effect and US intelligence have been politicized by the Obama administration in the production of this report and a number of other statements."

You don't get mush further leftist than today's Wapost and Mother Jones. Wot. 
Further reading: GOP senator Susan Collins: Why I cannot support Trump

  • He demeaned Sen. John McCain (Ed: along with all but the addle minded)
  • He  repeatedly insulted Fox News host Megyn Kelly.
  • His inability to admit error or apologize (ED:No example of which is cited).
  • That revealed Mr. Trump as unworthy of being our president.
I don't think much of Susan Collins.  I also doubt we'll find any record of her subpoenaing records in re these. So, there's that.


Dear Mr. President You Nazi Prick

The video series, “Dear Mr. President: Letters from the American Children,” opens with a young boy excited about the prospect of a political outsider bridging the disconnect between the Washington establishment and the American people, but things go downhill from there.

“When you speak on things that make me feel uncomfortable, or I disagree with, you make me feel small because I know I can’t change it,” one girl remarks.”

“Most of my family is black. I’m afraid that you’re going to hurt some of us blacks,” a young boy slowly recites to the camera.”

“Some of my friends are really scared about you building a wall, and the travel band [sic], because a lot of their families live in different places,” another young girl says, referencing Trump’s executive order on immigration.”

“Just because I’m Mexican doesn’t mean you can build a wall in my country,” an older girl states.”

In one video, a young girl tells Trump, “don’t let people have guns.” In the other video, a boy claims that Trump is “attempting to whitewash America.””

Another boy says Trump’s policy on refugees is “unfair,” and the boy after him said there was no need to hate other countries “based on the actions of a single group or organization.”

NBC News’ video on YouTube is being heavily downvoted.

Media insiders are buzzing that Andy Lack wants NBC to become “the next Fox News Being a progressive1, however, renders him and ilk incapable of eschewing leftist political propaganda in favor of agit-propping