Friday, January 26, 2018

His Name is Cuomo. From New York


Murphy(AZ) said...

On Wednesday, "they" were talking amnesty for 700,000 dreamers, if they met reasonable criteria such as no criminal record, etc. Yesterday, it's up to 1.8 million, vaporous funding for the new wall which could disappear in a POOF!, and allowing a free pass to "dreamers" and the parents who broke the law by bringing them here in the first place.


Whatever happened to "you can't come here without an invite 'cause it's against the law?"

Yesterday we told the world that U.S. laws mean nothing. Citizenship here is a joke. The sacrifice of our heroes for our nation apparently is meaningless.

And Trump, the businessman president, well his promises here in Phoenix in 2016 were meaningless when he said no amnesty. Turns out he's just the top t*rd on the festering pile of sh*t that is politics.

Skoonj said...

And the professors will be required to teach for free.

Eskyman said...

My grandmother was fond of a phrase. When I was a boy, and doubtful of good things coming to pass, she'd say: "Oh ye of little faith."

Then she'd smile, sorta like I'm smiling now.

Draw your own conclusions.

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