Friday, January 26, 2018

“Deep State has been trying to ....

DEEP STATE                


Pro-Trump media figures have been working overtime lately to paint the intelligence community as the Deep State while breathlessly claiming that the FBI and DOJ are filled with a secret society of anti-Trump individuals who are dead set on taking down the current administration. Whether it be #ReleaseTheMemo, the texts between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page or the Steele dossier, Trump loyalists have found something to glom onto when it comes to supporting their belief of a vast government conspiracy.

During his radio broadcast today, Rush Limbaugh took that idea one step further by suggesting that the intel community has had it out for Republicans for a while and may have deliberately led the United States into a war in order to sabotage President George W. Bush.

“You remember what the intelligence agencies were telling us about the War in Iraq?” The conservative host wondered aloud. “You remember what they were telling us? There is detail, there were photos, there was conclusive evidence Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and it wasn’t just us. It was MI-5, it was MI-6, it was intelligence agencies all the world.”

After stating that the Republican Party is not “the favored party among swamp-dwellers” in Washington, he brought up Trump, claiming that the “Deep State has been trying to undermine Donald Trump since he was a candidate.”
The radio host went on to state that Bush spent a long time convincing the world and US that it was necessary to invade Iraq due to the danger he felt was imminent due to the intelligence he received. Limbaugh then tied this into Al Gore losing the 2000 election and the Washington establishment being upset over it and looking for payback.


After stating that the Republican Party is not “the favored party among swamp-dwellers” in Washington, he brought up Trump, claiming that the “Deep State has been trying to undermine Donald Trump since he was a candidate.” Bringing up items like the dossier to make the case that a false narrative has been built up around intel to wrongly frame Trump as colluding with Russian, Limbaugh said that maybe WMDs in Iraq was a way to damage Bush’s presidency.

“It opened the doors for the Democrats to literally destroy his presidency in the second term — which is what they did,” he exclaimed. “They launched every salvo they had they did everything they could to get John Kerry elected in 2004 as the Democrat nominee. So, so I just wonder?” [FULL DECK]



rwnutjob said...

I see black helicopters, but the Obama regime made me that way.

Eskyman said...

That's a possibilty, but GW Bush has always seemed to me to be a willing globalist participant (HW Bush was head of CIA, remember.) The intelligence agencies may indeed have cooked up the ingredients that gave Bush the opportunity to go to war, against an opponent that most of us were scratching our heads over because we didn't see the connection between Hussein's Iraq and 9/11, but the Bush family is closely tied to the Clintons and friendly with Obama and his lot. Which in my eyes is damning. They're all globalists, all NWO enthusiasts.

It's true that the R's are not the favored party within the Swamp, but the Harlem Globetrotters badly need the Washington Generals; without them, they may not win every game. Their job is essential, it's to make the 'Trotters look good; that's what the R's do for the D's. The R's like it that way too: they get to be the "honorable opposition" who's always defeated, but shows them fighting the good fight, so they get reelected. Heavens forbid they're found out to be mini-D's!

Unknown said...

rwnutjob: Do you know why so many of us believe in conspiracy theories?

It's because that's exactly what they want us to believe!

Anonymous said...

Rush is dead wrong on this one. Bush got us into a war that was framed on lies. He will go down in history as the worst president. Pisses me off because I supports him until I found out that there never were any WMDs

Anonymous said...

I had to wonder though, I remember a report on npr about a Canadian company receiving a contract to handle the yellow cake removed from Iraq. I was a top of the hour news blurp and I have never been able to find any mention again. I tried looking it up to show someone proof of WMD programs. Thomas

Anonymous said...

Of course there were WMDs. People who swear there weren't any are just proof of how effective a "big lie" can be.

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