Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Cnut Strikes Again


So it required 486 people, who were paid $34.8 million, plus $91.3 million in fees and expenses, to give away $5.1 MILLION! And they call this a CHARITY?

Some things never change

Have you wondered why the Clinton Foundation folded so suddenly after Hillary was no longer in a position of influence? Perhaps this summary will provide some insight??

They list 486 employees (line 5)! It took 486 people who are paid $34.8 million and $91.3 million in fees and expenses, to give away $5.1 MILLION !

This is real. You can check the return yourself (see below).  The real heart of the Clintons can be seen here. Staggering but not surprising.. These figures are from an official copy of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation for the tax year 2014.  The copy of the tax return is from the National Center for Charitable Statistics web site. You can obtain the latest tax return on any charitable organization there.

The Clinton Foundation:

* Number of Employees (line 5) 486

* Total revenue (line 12) $177,804,612.00

* Total grants to charity (line 13) $5,160,385.00  (this is less than 3%)

* Total expenses of $91,281,145.00

Expenses include:

* Salaries (line 15) $34,838,106.00

* Fund raising fees (line 16a) $850,803.00

* Other expenses (line 17) $50,431,851.00 [HUH??????]

* Travel $8,000,000.00

* Meetings $12,000,000.00

* Net assets/fund balances (line 22) $332,471,349.00

So it required 486 people, who were paid $34.8 million, plus $91.3 million in fees and expenses, to give away $5.1
MILLION! And they call this a CHARITY?

Just think---one of the participants was a former president, and one wanted to be elected president of the United States. 

Cuzzin Ricky: Certified Money Guy


Unknown said...

I love the meme of "Look up '_________' in the encyclopedia and you'll see a picture of ________." The original might have been "Look up 'Rock'n'Roll' and you'll see a picture of Chuck Berry." But just as valid is "Look up 'grifters' and you'll see a picture of the Clintons".

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Mr. Mueller is examining the Foundation records as we speak.

Gary in Texas

Anonymous said...

Ron in Ohio Sez:

Only one problem - The forms shown seem to be the most recent available. It and it's figures are all 3 years old (2014 tax year) - I can't find anything newer and I'd sure love to see something more substantial of a more recent nature.

Do you imagine that "Hit Man" payments might have been included in the "Other Expenses" of $50,431,851.00?

There is some justification for the 3 year old statement of the Clintoon Foundation if ya' go to this amost 3 year old site for clarification;

The rest of this is long because "I'm Pissed!" So, have a "Barf Bag" handy and let's go to a few Lib-O sites just to see how they spin this.

First, From 2 months after the above web site's report (Just to get their Shit together) comes a "revelation" from FACT

Then, here comes good ole POLITIFACT with their cover-up on 9/01/'16 @

Not to be left in the dust, comes Snopes loyal denunciation of the charges against the Clintoons @

Then, the Snots again, just a week ago tried to tie all of the "False Charges" against the Clintoon Foundation together into on neat-sweet "Archived" report.

BARF, BARF, Another bag please.

Never forget what;
clinton-foundation/ Said in the middle of the last presidential election:

"96 Percent Of Hillary’s Charitable Donations In 2015 Went To Clinton Foundation"

Of course Snopes @ disagreed.

I gotta' add; The Mozilla Firefux, Booger, Gaggle triumvirate tried to prevent it, but, I managed to post this comment
anyway, after over 3 Hrs. of hang-ups, saves and re-starts. I originally tried to post this after the first comment by Stu Tarlowe.

toadold said...

Sigh....I keep waiting for the handcuffs, the frog march, the orange jump suits, and the execution...As Judy Tuenuta once said , "It could happen."

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