Monday, February 05, 2018

2nd Amendment Win

Carrying a gun near a park could be punished with up to 5 years in jail.

Da Bears

The state of Illinois cannot be said to be a ‘firearm friendly’ state by any stretch of the imagination.  However, in a recent unanimous ruling, the Illinois Supreme Court struck down a state law that seemed designed to be a “categorical prohibition” for the state to abuse.

The law said, in essence, that carrying a firearm within 1,000 feet of a number of public places was a crime.  Using this law, Julio Chairez was arrested and charged in Aurora, Illinois (a Chicago suburb) with a Class 3 Felony.  By appealing his case to the state Supreme Court, he scored a great win for anyone concerned with their Second Amendment rights in the state of Illinois. [Full]


Anonymous said...

Ron in Ohio Sez:

2 comments Rog.

Julio Chairez? What do ya' bet that had he been named Jones or Smith, etc. etc. This would not have been overturned? Not in Illinois!

Also, by using the link and going to the story's original site ( I noticed a glaring mistake, especially since I am an Indiana native.

The author must really be "Geographically challenged" by his statement; "llinois may never be a state with firearm regulations as those of the state of Indiana, immediately to its south."

Anonymous said...

^the state of Indiana, immediately to its south."
That's because they think Chicago is Illinois. Well, southeast technically.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

"the state of Indiana, immediately to its south."

One has to wonder what the folks in Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri and Arkansas think about that.

Eskyman said...

Isn't it time for California to have a 2nd Amendment 'win' cries the small voice in the Communist wilderness?

On the 1st of the month I went to my local Walmart; they had a sign up in the ammo department saying, "No Ammo Sales Until Walmart Gets License" which was now required because of new anti-gun laws starting Feb 1.

Then I went to that store again a few days ago. Now the sign says, "No Ammo Sales At This Store. Closest Walmart for Ammo Sales: (Store 20 miles away.)"

Kinda hard to do much shooting when 1/ Nowhere to shoot, 2/ Many guns are now illegal, 3/ Can't buy ammo.

Maybe if I ask some illegals, they can bring me ammo along with the drugs they're bringing over the border. The gangs don't seem to have a problem getting ammo!

Anonymous said...

A 1,000 foot separation requirement from parks, schools and churches can effectively make a lot of entire communities gun free (or "adult use" or whatever else one wants to ban free) zones. Or at least make them illegal throughout.

Anonymous said...

Make enough things illegal and everyone becomes a criminal. Then you have a populace in fear of its government, which describes the relationship most people on earth have with their governments. The USA was supposed to be the exception, with the government in fear of its people. I guess that's too radical a concept for the folks in California to grasp.

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