Sunday, February 18, 2018

His Master's Voice

DEEP STATE                


The Russians obviously violated this statute; they spent millions of dollars to promote the candidacies of Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Jill Stein, and to oppose the candidacies of Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. So why weren’t they charged with the most pertinent crime they committed? Because Christopher Steele arguably violated the same law. He is a foreign national, and he contributed a “thing of value” to the Hillary Clinton campaign, namely the fake dossier.

Mueller's Script


The FEC guidance on contributions by foreign nationals is interesting. There is a “volunteer exception;” i.e., foreign nationals can volunteer their services to a political campaign. But Steele wasn’t a volunteer.

I don’t doubt that election lawyers could come up with defenses for Christopher Steele, were he to be charged with violating §30121. But that is a can of worms that Mueller didn’t want to open. Too many people know the facts behind the Steele dossier, and if he had charged the Russians with meddling in the presidential election under §30121, he soon would have faced questions about why he didn’t indict Steele–and Glenn Simpson, Perkins, Coie, Clinton campaign officials, and perhaps Clinton–for the same offense.

It was in order to avoid that pitfall, I suspect, that Mueller overlooked the most relevant federal offense that the Russians committed, and instead charged them with a vague “conspiracy to defraud,” along with wire fraud, bank fraud and identity theft. The first charge is entirely discretionary on Mueller’s part, and Steele didn’t commit wire fraud, bank fraud or identity theft.

I think that is why Mueller chose not to indict the Russians for meddling in a U.S. presidential election.

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Jess said...

I think it's a clear indication that Muellor's team knows they're expected to come up with something, but also know the something is leading to those they're trying to protect, or were partners in collusion. They only have a dog and pony show left, and it will be interesting to see how ridiculous it becomes.

Phil said...

I feel like I am watching an old Get Smart episode. "Missed it by that much," "Would you believe," "I told you not to tell me that,". Bumbling, inept, and appearing to not even knowing that they are!! I can't wait for the next episode.

Phil said...

Also, I forgot to mention that they are fighting against 'KAOS'. I half expect Mr. Mueller to take his shoe off and start talking into it. Oh and which institutions are the Russians introducing KAOS into? Was it the FBI or State Dept. Hmmm. "I'm loving it."

Eskyman said...

Powerline states as fact that the Russians "spent millions of dollars to promote the candidacies of Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Jill Stein, and to oppose the candidacies of Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio."

This makes no sense. Hillary is/was easily bought, and she was already in their pocket; Bernie is a Communist who honeymooned in Russia. Trump & Stein would be seen back then as wild cards. I can understand the Russians opposing Cruz and Rubio, but can anyone explain how the Russians would benefit by opposing Clinton?

There's also the inconvenient fact that the ad buys that these terrible Russians committed was *after* the election, and did not- could not- sway the election.

As to Mueller- he's got nothing. Opening a bank acct in a false name? Maybe they jaywalked too. He's grasping at straws to keep looking like he's doing something relevant.

Anonymous said...

I find this announcement and timing very suspicious.

Friday morning the FBI/ATF admitted they lied their asses off regarding the
Cruz investigation they announced the previous day. It was only the day before that they same guy announced at a press conference that they "ran the leads down and
came up with nothing".
They did NOTHING as far as a legitimate investigation.

The kid was posting on all social media under his own name. There are only thirteen
people in the entire Country with that name and same spelling. The fbi took the "lead
of the century" from the Bails Bondsman in Mississippi and did nothing.

The didn't contact Youtube, Facebook, Google, any Service Providers or try to track down the kid or his IP address. They didn't try to contact any Local Police Departments to check with them. By Friday morning everyone was calling out their lies and they admitted that they lied {in so many words}.

Rosenstein hastily announces at approximately 12:15 that he will be holding a News Conference regarding a announcement from the Special Counsel Office. That News Conference is called for 1:30 pm, just over a hour later.

Since when do they announce a indictment of anyone without some reasonable expectation of grabbing them? That indictment was never kept under wraps, it was dated and handed down on Friday the same day as the Rosenstein News Conference.

Deflect from the Florida bad news and cover up the lies they told, knowing they would
never get their hands on these russians. The narrative for the rest of the day was the thirteen indictments, the shooting was moved back except for the call for more Gun Control.

See something ......
Say something .......
Don't Do Shit ........
-The fbi

Not buying it

Skoonj said...

Concerning the Florida shooting, I think Wray was screwed over by the swampers at the FBI. Wray was only just installed at the FBI by President Trump. Part of his mission was to root out the deep state swamp dwellers there. Those swamp dwellers wanted to continue to attack Trump, and the way they have to do it now is to make Wray look bad. Wray himself would never have known about Cruz one way or another, but the agents of the FBI may well have arranged for leads not to be followed. This was actually an attack on Trump.

Anonymous said...

Skoonj, I tend to agree with you on Wray. Where I part company is
his indefensible defense and ignorance of the problem he has on his
hands when he testifies.

The fbi has a severe upper management problem. Wray isn't going to
resolve the problem by ignoring it. The upcoming IG Report could be
a death blow to his organization.


Skoonj said...

Geo, I also anxiously await the IG report. I wonder how he and his staff can get to and from work over there. Yes, the FBI has severe upper management problems, and should be cleaned. I wonder how far down it goes, with this incident saying maybe to the special agent level, but maybe not.

The method used to subvert the FBI was also used, I am sure, in every bureau and department in the government. The late John Ruseckas once told me, as we looked at the Pentagon, that if the termites ever stopped holding hands that building would collapse. He was right about the Pentagon, and every other building the government owns.

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