Saturday, February 10, 2018

Punking a Punk

Top Secret FISA Court Order
Obama Spying on Political Enemies
There's so much in these documents, and so little time.

I found the entire document, declassified, at The Dan Bongino Show web site .  He filled in for Mark Levin today, and set out some explosive information.  The court order is lengthy, about 99 pages.  Find it in the section called the Obamagate Files.  People are not only named, they are nailed.  The whole story of the sordid affair is there.

 On the court order, pages 20,21, and 82 are key.  The point here is that Rogers, I think at NSA, figured out there was funny business going on, and decided to stop being a team player.  The court order shows some of the things that were done that were caught as out of order.  Carter Page was a fall guy, set up by Steele.  There's so much in these documents, and so little time.  I missed a lot of the show, so I'm behind the power curve myself.  Look through ALL the documents.

Damian Housman

Nice Catch!


Gregory said...

Too deep and complex for me to read. I bet, though, that no one important will be appropriately punished. Probably a couple of GS-12s will do some jail time though.

Skoonj said...

Because of the nature of the Obama conspiracy, you need the many documents to grasp the entire picture. Bongino has collected them, and of course people here are aware of others. Rogers is a hero, and there are many more. The reason we are seeing so much documentation now is because the rank and file, who are blameless and pissed off at the Obama/FBI/DOJ/State attempt at stealing the election and later overthrowing President Trump.

Some are saying appoint a special counsel. Some are saying appoint a commission. I say both of those options will take too long and allow some of the most guilty to flee. My choice is more immediate. These documents are exposing the names of many of the real conspirators. Get a list and get the evidence. Find special agents and others willing to testify.

Then, a true Night of the Long Knives. Trump, his own security force, and the Secret Service, plus trusted Special Agents, should round up the conspirators all at once. Overnight. Out of bed. Get lesser fish to flip on the major players, and go to court with an iron clad case. Trial in the middle of the country to avoid judicial and jury bias likely found in DC. These people, from Obama, to Clinton, to Stzrok, to Comey, to the rest of them. Long sentences, and it may require building new prison facilities.

Yes, I prefer the gallows, but that could be a along shot.

Anonymous said...

Another Special Counsel or Commission is way too time consuming, the
vast majority of the American people don't have a attention span to
get through this procedure. It's probably why the establishment
types are asking for it. We urgently need something faster, it's
becoming more and more evident every day.

How many are going to pull a Lois Lerner, and walk off untouched with a
100G retirement? This needs to stop and people need to go to jail one
this one.

Oh, one more thing. . . . Thank you Maryland for not electing Bongino
to office, lately he has been much more productive right where he is.


Chris in NC said...

Not one thing will happen. There could be a video confession of obama and clinton saying they framed up the whole thing to overthrow the government and the "not my president" idiots would clap like barking seals. We're at a time when if the criminal is on your side, then all is fair. Nothing short of armed revolution by the good guys (us) will fix this.

rickn8or said...

I'm with the pessimists here; predicting a coordinated effort by the major players to run out the clock.

toadold said...

I keep thinking about a movie scene in which a car bomb takes out a corrupt federal official.....Obama had better have his cars checked before he gets in them, of course with a platter charge a car could be hit from the side with a molten self forging projectile.

Skoonj said...

Toadold, you made my day!

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