Tuesday, February 20, 2018

What's a good number? How about 96?

Screen Capped 10 minutes ago

It's all over America


Murphy(AZ) said...

Sad for the dead, but this whole thing since Wednesday is just lies on lies. Got to ask, who's funding these "spontaneous" protests? Soros? Maybe that clown Bloomberg from New York? Someone else with more money than good sense? And is Dallas so flush that they can afford to turn away a major national convention and all the money it would bring to the city (if I lived there, I'd be thinking maybe Mike Rawlings doesn't want to be Mayor anymore.)

Day after the shooting and the protesters already had professionally printed signs. Not free. Travel to Tallahassee? To Washington, D.C.? Who's paying for that?

Lies about the incidents, lies about the AR-15, lies about numbers killed by gun violence... think back, we've heard it all before. Banning guns, restricting gun owners, won't work. Never has, never will. Proof: Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, Philadelphia, San Francisco.

End gun free zones. Train and arm teachers and staff. Turn schools into armed fortresses.

See something? Say something? Hell, DO SOMETHING!

Skoonj said...

Face it, the Democrats, liberals, socialists and communists are like vultures. They circle above the freshly killed, and then pick their bones for political advantage.

Anonymous said...

Pure Alinskyism in action. Never let a crisis go to waste. These students are useful idiots. All they are demonstrating is that American History and the Constitution are no longer taught or studied in our schools, except to demonize them. Yes, we are in deep doo-doo.

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

drew458 said...

Funny, like John Kerry's plan to save the USA, we never hear the details. This knee jerkers are always going on about "common sense" and "sane" gun laws. Ok, let's hear what those are. Put your cards on the table. And if your ideas can't stand up to analysis and debate, then STFU and go away. Forever.

AFAIC, we already have common sense sane gun law, called the Second Amendment. All the tens of thousands of other ones are statist BS.

MAX Redline said...

Each Day, 96 people are killed by guns

Apparently, they never heard of suicide.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 2016 data shows 37,461 people were killed in 34,436 motor vehicle crashes, an average of 102 per day.

Ban cars? (crickets).

Skoonj said...

MAX, they also never heard of gang shootings or police shootings or people shot by those protecting themselves.

Unknown said...

When do the kids of Chicago, who suffer from the most gun-related casualties in the United States, get their tear-jerk feature on CNN? Oh wait, they have strict gun laws so it doesn’t fit the mainstream agenda. Nevermind!

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