Friday, April 20, 2018

Another unhinged liberal pathology

Return of the feckless Chick-Fil-A-phobes
Move over, Trump Derangement Syndrome. Another unhinged liberal pathology is back:


Perhaps, in the interest of public health, the CDC should launch a weekly C-F-A-P surveillance report to map the recurrence of this culturally infectious disease. Early-onset symptoms include fear of pressure-cooked poultry, allergic reaction to waffle potato fries and an irrational hatred of cow costumes. Anti-Christian prejudice and coastal elitism are common comorbidities associated with this debilitating progressive condition.

Ground zero for the latest outbreak? The headquarters of The New Yorker magazine. This week’s issue online features the bigoted lament of writer Daniel Piepenbring, who decries the fast-food chain’s “creepy infiltration” of the Big Apple and warns against the company’s “pervasive Christian traditionalism.” Chick-fil-A opened its fourth location in the city last month. The largest franchise in the country, it seats 140, employs 150, and along with the other NYC locations, donates an estimated 17,000 pounds of food to a local pantry for the homeless and hungry. The company is reportedly on track to become the third-largest fast-food chain in the world.

What are the Chick-fil-A-phobes so afraid of?

A private business succeeding in the marketplace based on its merits, without coercion or cronyism.

An enterprise that values hard work, honesty and integrity.

A family-owned American Dream come true that creates jobs, pays taxes, satisfies customers of all backgrounds and gives back to the community.

Horror of horrors, what menaces these sandwich-sellers of faith be! [FULL]

AHEM ...


Tom Smith said...

There was a lot of interest here in Atlanta about what would happen when they opened in NY with all the gay "blowback"...........went by that NY store a few months after it was open and there was a line around the corner at lunch. I tend to think all these stories are contrived and the headlines are not reflective of reality.

toadold said...

I wonder how many Muslim cab drivers eat there?

Cheezy said...

“pervasive Christian traditionalism.”
Just goes to show the self-destructive perverts would prefer an AID's outbreak over an outbreak of morality.

rickn8or said...

Piepenbring is the same guy that will call you a "racist" for pointing out the negative aspects of the moslem invasion.

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