Friday, June 22, 2018

It's a war out there ...

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It seems the YouTube book burners threw my post  TUCKER  into the bonfire while I slept. 

Below, a a screen cap of  iPad App (Conservative News)
while not deleted, refuses to show anything

 I complained. 
If it wasn't an act of sabotage by a Snowflake/ Millennial warrior, it will be reinstated ... and (behind the scene ) the perp dismissed.

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Eskyman said...

Don't expect to get your video back until long past the time that it's relevant, and probably not even then. A great many conservative videos have been demonetized too; even when they let you post something, they don't want you to get paid for it- though nasty videos from terrorists, or far-left propaganda videos, are A-O-K.

Alphabet, which owns Google & YouTube, has been on a censor-all-conservatives kick for some time now. There's precious little that can be done about it. People who aren't political junkies, and who mostly watch cute kitten videos, won't even know that censorship is happening, and if they hear about it they won't care; the cute kitten vids won't be censored, and that's all that concerns them. They watch CNN, so they'll never even hear about this problem.

Check out Bitchute, it's an alternative video site, and it would be a good idea to develop other ways of presenting videos. The Left won't give up easily, and they're in a fight for their lives right now!

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