Friday, June 22, 2018

Wouda ... Coulda

Spoiler Alert:
Robert De Niro and Peter Fonda have ruined two favorite movies for me
By Stu Tarlowe - American Thinker

In case you haven’t heard, Peter Fonda publicly called for horrendous things to be done to President Trump’s 12-year old son, Barron ...

And now it’s Peter Fonda, managing to take away my enjoyment of a film that was an anthem of my generation, Easy Rider. In case you haven’t heard, Peter Fonda publicly called for horrendous things to be done to President Trump’s 12-year old son, Barron, in addition to referring to the president with the same type of latrine-mouth vitriol that De Niro so enjoys spewing.

Fonda has since issued an apology and withdrawn the vulgar comments and threats. Although the agency charged with protecting the president and his family has not officially commented, it’s speculated that Fonda’s apology just may have been inspired by the Secret Service having “a little talk” with him.

But that apology won’t keep me from seeing Peter Fonda in a different light now than I’ve seen him in for all these years since he starred in that iconic film. (*EDITOR) Maybe he never thought of Easy Rider the way I did, as a celebration of America and its beauty and its freedoms, even as it exposed some of the country’s ugliest flaws.

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When I watched Easy Rider (1969) it immediately reminded me of Woodstock (1969), an event I had hoped Lyndon Johnson would carpet bomb.  Had he done so, roughly 100%  of today's college educators would ... not have been.

But,  nice article Stu


rickn8or said...

"Fonda has since issued an apology and withdrawn the vulgar comments and threats."

Big deal; the first thing taught in Law School 101 is "You can't un-ring a bell."

Did you hear he's got a movie coming out soon?

Eskyman said...

Excellent article, Stu!

Easy Rider was an iconic film for me, too- and in 1975 or so I was living in Perth, W. Australia where the film had been banned since it came out. Then I heard that it was coming out on TV!

I invited all my Aussie friends over to my place to watch this incredible movie- but when I saw it, my friends couldn't make out what it was about. Even I couldn't follow what was going on, even though I'd seen it before; it turned out that the censor had got to it, so all references to drugs were removed.

Since the film starts with drugs, and is about drugs all through it, there wasn't much left to see. The tremendous scene where Jack Nicholson is sitting at the campfire- "Don't Bogart That Joint, My Friend"- well, that's all missing; all we see is crazy people with baseball bats beating up these guys who were sitting at a campfire, but it makes no sense. Cut like it was, the entire movie made no sense!

That's what DeNiro has done to his career; he's removed all that's meaningful, and what connects one part with another. Now he's just telling us all that he's an idiot, full of sound and fury, but that his life has signified nothing. It's sad.

Anonymous White Male said...

Easy Rider. What a joke! Sure, it had a decent soundtrack, if you mean a bunch of hit tunes that may or may not have been somehow related to the scene they were produced with. But, anyone that actually enjoyed the film was on drugs. Hey, I was on drugs, but couldn't stand it. It reminds me of the Grateful Dead phenomenon. LSD was ubiquitous at Dead concerts. Almost everyone did it, so they were tripping through the concert. Acid makes Alvin and the Chipmunks sound like the voice of god. Easy Rider is one of those things that becomes iconic just because certain people that became film critics came of age when it came out, they identified with it, and they were on drugs. It is barely coherent, the dialogue is pathetic, and Peter Fonda couldn't act his way out of a paper bag. Never could. Still can't.

Chuck from Tacoma said...

Wasn't Nixon POTUS during Woodstock? I was pretty effed up contemplating my invitation with kind greetings from said President that was due in 1970, so I could be wrong.

ontoiran said...

ok movie. at least it had a happy ending

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