Friday, July 27, 2018

San Francisco Wants To Ban Multi-Million Dollar Corporate Cafeterias


Anonymous said...

And then will San FerSickos ban corporate group and private health insurance, so everybody can help save Uhbamacare by being forced to sign up?
Somebody needs to blow up the Hetch Hetchy dam to cut off their water. There's obviously an insanity/derangement pollutant in it.
Either that or it's the benzene in all the bottled water they drink from plastic bottles
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Tom Smith said...

Most of those are operated by restaurant companies. Rather ignorant but........

rickn8or said...
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rickn8or said...

Um, I wonder if the mandated $15/hour minimum wage has anything to do with the poor patronage at restaurants, or is it the needles in the streets, the smell of feces in the air, or the inability to get a plastic straw with a drink?

And if this legislation doesn't go through, expect a lot of these company-owned cafeterias to suddenly start failing their health inspections.

Eskyman said...

Cafeteria problems in San Fransicko?

This is a job for Mooooochelle, who's been chafing at the bit since his last dance video, "Watch My Dingdong Dangle."

Just remember how Mooochelle improved school cafeterias all across the land, until almost every kid with a mother brought their own lunch! Piece of cake, for Mooooochelle!

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