Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Illegals .... In a nutshell

Little Ricky


Jess said...

Considering the economic damage, the ignoring of laws, and definite future problems associated with illegal invaders, I think it's only fair all sanctuary city officials be charged with sedition, congress members in favor removed from office after being charged, and those helping illegal aliens be charged with treason.

Personally, I think snipers at the borders are necessary. Very few would cross, after the first in line are dropped. While some might find that cruel, think of the cruelty to families that work hard for their money, only to watch their tax dollars abused, those that lost family members to crime, and anyone facing a constant threat from illegal border crossing.

Anonymous said...

If you do not have borders... then you soonly will not have a discernible country.

Witness the fate of the EU. Berlin Bertha decided Germany should encourage immigration from the ME. One there, the 'immigrants' decided which of the EU 'countries' they would move to, possibly based on the amount of "Free Stuff" they could get from the various governments. Tell your wife, sister, daughter, etc to stay home on New Years, or be subject to attention they may not appreciate, courtesy of the EU & Angela.

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