Monday, August 13, 2018

It’s worthwhile watching this again ...

Now that the FBI have fired agent Schmuck, lets review this Pompey v. Hillary duel.


Anonymous said...

For "the smartest woman in the world", she sure doesn't know much or remember much, does she?
That arrogant, dismissive display reinforces my decades old observation that whatever you think of her political beliefs/policies, she always was and is INCOMPETENT, screwing up every task, responsibility or project she touched.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Beginning with her being a Tyson food bribe conduit, et al.

MMinWA said...

The difference between these Secretaries/State is wider then the Grand Canyon. It's only the Good Lord looking over us during her tenure that kept us safe.

Because it's a miracle.

She's evil as Satan.

Someone poke Sessions, see if he's got a pulse. Her, Jarret and Obama need to swing. Bill too for Loral.

Anonymous said...

She was only killing time, (pardon the word), until she was President. It seems obvious in retrospect that she is just waiting until she has the power.

Anonymous said...

I would not be surprised to see her run again in 2020. She is obsessed with making a mark in history that will outlive her and her preposterous rapist husband. They have already done so, and it would be called a stain, rather than a mark. They are just too blinded by obsessions to notice.
Some people handle having power without becoming impessed with their own importance. She is not one of them. Her sycophants must be telling her that she will still win the 2016 election if she continues along the path chosen. She just has to spend more campaign funds. As if 20-to-1 ratio was not enough.
I'm pretty sure she is jealous of Slick's wedding tackle, and wished she had similar, perhaps taking that desire to some 'interesting' ends with her 'assistant', former wife of the HotDog Danger... or not.

Linda Fox said...

Just like a smug Sgt. Schultz - "I know nothing, NOTHING!"

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