Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Even CNN Sees the Light

Paleoclimatologists, who study climates of the past, know that Earth's climate was not as stable for our ancestors as it has been for us.

These abrupt, harsh changes could mean life or death, often forcing whole populations to move if they wanted to survive.

For example, one well-studied event 8,200 years ago was a sudden cold shift that lasted over a century, recorded in Greenland ice cores and within the fossil record across Europe, the researchers said. It occurred when the North American ice sheet decayed after the last ice age and released meltwater into the North Atlantic Ocean, disrupting the currents that brought heat to Western Europe. This triggered large-scale population crashes in northern Britain and large cultural changes in southern Europe, they said. 

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Leonard Jones said...

Paleoclimatology is a pseudo-science like cultural anthropology or AGW based climate
science or feminist math theory or gender studies. I read about one idiot who claimed
to be a paleontologist who specialized in the study of primitive garbage dumps. This is
total BS like the millennial moron who had a degree in Dinosaur biology in the latest
Jurassic Park sequel. How can one learn anything about Dinosaur biology from 75 million
year-year-old fossils? They are rock outlines and all DNA materials were long dead. The
only reason I watched this turd was to see if any of these liberal bunny-huggers became
megafauna scat!

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