Thursday, January 10, 2019

Feds Find 23 Guns In Office Of Indicted Chicago Democrat


A longatime Chicago alderman and staunch gun-control advocate who was arrested on federal corruption charges stemming from an attempt to use his position to extort a company hoping to renovate a fast food restaurant in his ward was found to have 23 firearms in his offices, according to a local CBS affiliate.

Edward Burke, who has for decades been one of the city’s most powerful and most notoriously cormrupt officials, reportedly relied on a city ordinance stemming from the 1870s that designated all Aldermen as “peace officers” allowing them to carry and store weapons in their offices and city buildings – where even those with a concealed carry permit are not allowed to carry them..

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drew458 said...

Gee, for a guy who is "notoriously cormrupt" he seems to be obeying the law. Or at least taking advantage of it.

Following the chain of links leads to even more confusion ...

"An 1872 law designating aldermen as “peace officers” allows Burke to carry a weapon.

State records show the former cop has also been a licensed private detective and a licensed private security contractor since the 80s, with a valid Firearms Control Card.

Sources tell CBS 2 another reason the guns may have been allowed was because many are old and of historic significance."

So the guy is an alderman now, with the special privileges that go along with that, as well as a retired cop with those special privileges, and an official private dick with the proper gun paperwork. So why is this news?

Also, does this guy have a Curios & Relics FFL? Or exactly how old are some of these guns with historic significance? Real antiques are exempt or partially exempt from the current gun laws in lots of places.

As to the restaurant itself ... typo city ...
"Sources confirmed the restaurant involved was a Burger King restaurant at 40th and Pulaski, the same one where 17-year-old Laquan McDonald ran through the parking lot in October 2014 moments before he was shot and killed by Chicago Police Officer Laquan McDonald. "

Amazing. A 17 year old kid was a cop who chased himself and then killed himself.

Proofreading is a lost art.

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