Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The hardest thing in the world ..

We be finding the dumbest Democrat in the country

For starters


capt fast said...

word may fail some folks when faced with such stupid. how about rep. degette and her statement on the effectiveness of the low capacity magazine to prevent wholesale slaughters "when the magazine is empty of 10 rounds they throw it away and that is the end of the shooting" faced with such level of stupid, denverites had to send her to congress. she fit in with that crowd so well.
I'm at the point of thinking that in congress the house should be term limited to one term.

Ralph Gizzip said...

And to think most of these idiots have a JD and passed the Bar!
You wonder why lawyers and "journalists" are held in such low regard?

bocopro said...

Ya gotta be greenin me here . . . nobody's that freakin stupid.

REminds me of some ensigns and young bluejackets we sent off in search of relative bearing grease, or 100 fathoms of waterline, or turn signal fluid.

But recruits and butterbars are EXPECTED to be a tad on the ignernt side. That's why they give 'em to old gunnies and chiefs and sergeants first class to mold and hone. We don't put 'em at the wheel or as underway OOD without direct supervision.

toadold said...

I was reading a Roman a Clef by a Russian author and you could really tell how much of a hassle running an armed force was with out professional noncoms was. From what I read it is not unusual for US Noncoms to have more education than lower ranks of commissioned officers. The noncoms seem to prefer the grit and grind available as a lower rank as opposed to the paper pushing and desk flying of the upper ranks.

Anonymous said...

Just as I expected for Eddington:
with degrees in Women's Studies, Political Science,and Social Welfare.
Useless I tell you, useless.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

Still not as bad as Hank Johnson:


He's afeared that if we put too many troops on the island of Guam, if might capsize...

Murphy(AZ) said...

^^^ "I'm at the point of thinking that in congress the house should be term limited to one term."

How 'bout two days and a White House Happy Meal?

Cheezy said...

Douchebags making laws regarding things they have absolutely no knowledge of, nor willingness to seek knowledge of.
Content to sit in their own shitty diapers, I guess.
Too bad the rest of us gotta put up with them...or do we?

Regnad Kcin said...

First prerogative for applying to run for public office should be viable brainwave activity and the ability to fog a mirror.........

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