Friday, April 26, 2019

Horry clap, A Hollywooder with brains and sense of our constitution ?


Gregory said...

Good talk. Damn good talk.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Guess his career is over ... if it wasn’t, it is now. Clap calp clap hor him.

MMinLamesa said...

So when Obama threatened NC, he didn't say shite but now that President Trump has threatened sanctuary cities with an EO, suddenly he wants to step away from "partisan politics"

Blow me bud.

And there's ONE reason and one reason alone why our culture, history and traditions have been under attack for over a century. The teacher's unions.

They need millions of people "floating in the air" as Dreyfus put it. Unmoored, empty and open for any crap to be poured into their heads.

Here's a clue Rich, you won't get squat from current administrators and teachers. Why in the world would they undermine decades of hard work making America out to be the focus of everything wrong with the world??

You want real change? In a word, vouchers.

There's a damn good reason why Obama killed the incredibly popular and way over subscribed to DC vouchers. By overwhelmingly black parents too. Can't have any of those potential drones getting "uppity"

It's why in CO(now hopeless BTW) when I lived there, 3!! times we got a voucher initiative placed on the ballot and 3 times millions of dollars poured into the state from NEAs across the country to kill it with wall to wall lying TV ads.

Direst your fire where it would do the most good bud.

Ralph Gizzip said...

MMinLamesa said...

So when Obama threatened NC, he didn't say shite but now that President Trump has threatened sanctuary cities with an EO, suddenly he wants to step away from "partisan politics"

Blow me bud.

I think you misunderstand.
It's not that Dreyfuss was bemoaning the court ruling. He essentially said the court ruling was correct.
The problem is Trump and his EO's are being held to a different standard than Obama's EO's.
Had No.Carolina taken Obama to court the ruling SHOULD have been the same as the one on Trump's Sanctuary City fund withholding.

MMinLamesa said...

I repeat, he didn't utter a peep when Obama issued that EO nor in a number of others, like the BS "dreamer" exemption.

As for "should" the courts rule consistently, they do. We shop for ones that will be favorable to what we want to hear and REgressives do the same.

Right up to the SC where ideologies and not the law, pretty much forecast what the decision will be.

So much for that blindfold huh?

Eskyman said...

We should all be hoping that all judges are consistently ruling in accordance with the Constitution. Some do, usually the ones on our side; others don't, like the infamous judge in Hawaii who thinks his judicial power overrules the Executive Branch of the government.

It was refreshing to hear Richard Dreyfuss address the problem that has been much on my mind since I returned from many years overseas and found that young people in my own country don't seem to have any idea what this country is about: twisted education, that serves to brainwash but not instruct.

Young people these days have no idea how our country started or what our American values are, they're against "hate speech" but don't know what free speech is or why it's so important. They've never heard of the "shot fired round the world," or why Americans cherish gun rights. They don't know about pledging "our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor" nor do they know our founders' fates.

They are our children and we love them; but we have failed them badly, not instructing them why our country is the one that everyone in the world wants to get into. It's not just because of material wealth, but those foreigners coming don't know what made our country great either, and they don't know our history, our customs, or our culture. They don't understand that to get the right results you must follow the recipe! Our own children don't know that recipe either, and that is our fault.

If anyone wants to sign the Preamble, as I did, here's the link:

oldvet1950 said...

They do not teach civics anymore because they CAN'T teach civics. Since so many laws today are blatantly un-constitutional, how does a teacher explain such a cunundrum? Illegal searches? DUI checkpoints; Right to firearms? Myriad gun laws; Illegal seizures? Property confiscation on arrest - not conviction! One could go on and on, but ... Of course another reason is to keep the populace dumb enough to not know their own rights.

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