Tuesday, August 25, 2009

calling the kettle black

Almost too rich for words, but let me try.

In the documentary about  Amos & Andy [What's the Fuss?] I posted yesterday, comedian George Kirby asks several Blacks  in Manhattan. "What do you think of when you hear Amos 'n Andy?"  Most, who appeared old enough to have actually watched it, remembered it fondly.  Of the two dissenters, one said "calling someone Amos & Andy was a put down;" the apparently youngest said it played to stereotypes

Kirby next noted that while the radio show's white actors -  Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll -  had stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, television's Black actors had none.  My immediate thought was -- WTF?  Can you imagine the furor if Hollywood attempted to give  Alvin Childress   (Andy),  Spencer Williams ( Kingfish),  Tim Moore (Amos) or Ernestine Wade (Sapphire Stevens ) Stars?  Kirby himslef would have been among those expressing outrage., I guarantee it. 

Anyway, I'm reminded of that most recent example of  tortured Black logic by a Leonard Pitts Jr. column. His  journalistic bread and butter is finding racial over-and-undertones in anything.  Here's the lede from "The right is cynically exploiting race

You are such a racist nigger."- reader e-mail

To answer your questions: Yes, the e-mail is quoted in its entirety. Yes, it's authentic; I received it a year or so ago. And, no, it is not unique in its sentiment, its coarseness or its deafness to irony. That note has always struck me as a stark benchmark of our slide into racial incoherence.
So, a single e-mail, which use of "nigger" would by my experience suggest a Black writer, is "a stark benchmark of our slide into racial incoherence,?I'm underwhelmed.  Give me another example Lenny.

Pitts Jr.
Here's another: Last week on "FOX & Friends," Glenn Beck, the FOX News host, declared President Obama a "racist" with "a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture."

Bare seconds later, Beck turned around and said, "I'm not saying he doesn't like white people..."

Maybe we should blame his confusion on the stress of being discriminated against. Nobody knows the trouble he's seen.

But seriously. Beck is just the latest conservative caught trying to manipulate race in a naked appeal to the resentments of the white underclass. It's a breathtakingly cynical campaign that has gathered steam in recent years.
Like George Kirby, and so many other Black observers, Pitts Jr. is so hidebound by his own racial prejudice that,   with auto immune disease-like efficiency, he destroys himself with his own logic. Did Pitts, Jr. read  Dreams of My Father?   Is Pitts Jr. the only man alive who could answer "name a single Obama achievement that  recommends him to the presidency, other than being (nominally) Black

The problem with Pitts's ilk is the same one Democrats have in the age of talk radio and the internet.  Having never been challenged before to debate on merit, they're ill equipped to deal with it, so they hurry to name calling.

Here's the only thing this guy says that I can endorse.

Because what matters here is ... the insult to our collective intelligence - and our collective hopes. One of which is that we will all someday evolve the courage, the compassion and the intercultural trust to face the hard truths of race head on, and thereby validate that self-evident truth upon which the country was founded.


Anonymous said...

The left has gotten its collective way through tantrums for years. They use our own civility against us. But like all spoiled children it someday comes to a head. We are near that now. I am so tired of being called racist, bigoted, homophobic (or whatever) because I disagree.

JMcD said...

Everything you said above, Tim, and those were the things,along with the Left's control and abuse of education and entertainment, decades ago, that drove the last nails into the coffin housing my deceased Liberalness.

LargeBill said...

Pitts is such a fool that he actually cites people noting that Colin Powell voted/endorsed Obama out of racial solidarity as proof that we see racism where it doesn't exist. Hey, Dummy yes Powell is a "moderate" (whatever that is), but we were not running a conservative in that election. Johnnie Mac was just the sort of Republican that Powell professed to prefer. Obama was the sort of extreme leftist that Powell used to dismiss. So unless you're an idiot like Pitts you understand that some black (like Powell) who would normally be against socialism voted for this clown primarily over racial solidarity.

This is another case of projection. Many on the left see racism ever where so it is natural to project that claim on their opponent.

Anonymous said...

I think that it is useful to point out that more racists provably voted for Obama than against him. Unless, of course, you are speaking with someone who subscribes to Mr. J. Jackson's convenient and profitable definition of racism.
J. Spencer

Anonymous said...

Blacks are, hands down, the most racist segment of America. There is not one white person I know that wishes anything but the best FOR EVERY AMERICAN that works hard for what they want in life. Yet almost every black person I know, and I have many black friends and acquaintances harbor some kind of jealousy or resentment against...hell fill in the blank, because they...again, fill in the blank.

I've been sick of this victimhood crap for years. You see it all levels in black culture, gangstas to intellectuals-are you telling me some one like Professor Gates or Serena Williams shouldn't publicly praising this country on a daily basis for the opportunity to work hard to achieve the wealth they have attained? But the shit these people talk and so many blacks like them is such a freakin turnoff, my mind just switches off when they open their pieholes-if I was black, I'd be embarrassed

Steve in Greensboro said...

Don't judge all bla-fo based on Leonard Pitts.

I think he ate lead paint chips while growing up. He is retarded, but that makes him about average for Democrats.

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