Sunday, August 16, 2009

Widow: "I'm not hungry, just give me his penis"

Today's Marvelous Idea

Eating Grampa


Anonymous said...

"Mr Obama would you like another slice of Lenin?"

"No thanks I'm full already"

(Sure looks like Lenin to me)

Anonymous said...

Wellll, there's not much Lenin in it.
Lenin Lenin Lenin ...
(What? It's a canned red-meat joke.)

No, you idiot! I said put the linen on the table! You're fired.

Mmm, Lenin icing.
(What? Well, Lenin meringue pie didn't work.)

[insert communal wafer joke here]

OregonGuy said...

Entering Lenin's Tomb and seeing Lenin for the first time, my thought was, "He's still dead."

Anonymous said...

"He's still dead."

Only in body OregonGuy. His idea are alive if not exactly well.

Anonymous said...

For those whom socialism is religion; Take, eat. This is my body.

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