Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weathermen and Obama

I absolutely recommend that everyone watch the documentary "Weather Underground" that the author referred to. You can find it on Google Video.  If this administration still mystifies you in a way you can't quite put your finger on, that documentary will put into sharp focus just how serious these people are. And how insane they are.  - Article comment
In sifting through the intellectual landfill upon which the American left has built its worldview, a researcher can find any number of artifacts to help decrypt the Obama presidency.

Among the more illuminating is Weather Underground, a watchable 2002 documentary on the soi-disant Weathermen and their times.  Although superficially objective, the film allows the final comment of Weatherman Mark Rudd to stand as something of a thesis statement.

    "It was this knowledge that we couldn't handle," says Rudd, explaining the group's turn to violence.  "It was too big.  We didn't know what to do.  In a way I still don't know what to do with the knowledge."
It's here that my weathered, splintery pea brain has trouble.  I see "the truth too big to handle" as facts that Rudd, and others, kept tripping over.  Facts that "did not naturally fit their template."  Facts they simply reengineered.  Or, maybe that's my template. Author Jack Cashill, whom I know to think with clarity, sees this.
By contorting every fact that did not naturally fit their template, the Weathermen and their allies concluded, in Ayers' words, that America's "intentions were evil and her justifications dissembling, her explanations dishonest, her every move false." This was the "knowledge," uniquely intuited by the hard left, that Rudd and his colleagues found "too big" to handle.
We're otherwise copasetic. I've never watched this Weathermen film, but I will now so I can yell at Obama, "you malignant bastard, I watched  your film!"


Anonymous said...

This stuff was known, and publicized, before the election. Over 50% of Americans voted for Captain-Zero anyway. They were either

a) ignorant and shouldn't be allowed to vote.

b) supportive of a Marxist and should be shot as traitors.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Most historians agree that America's failure to execute the entire "anti-war" left in the 60's was a huge, possibly fatal mistake. Another major LBJ blunder.

Anonymous said...

I blame GHWB for not executing them all after the wall fell. There would have never been a Clinton in the White House, or a Blythe.


Topeka Troll said...

Far, We've been travelin far
Without a home, but not without a star.
Free, oh we long to be free,
We huddle close, hang onto a dream.
On boats and on planes, be comin to America....
Hey, if people who want to be free are coming here, why don't we send the ones who want to opress over there, where ever that may be?
Maybe Cuba or China can use some community organizers and DecoArt History majors.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Casca: Today's Huh?

B....... said...

Hell, I got it. I'm e-mailing Casca a Bombay Sapphire martini, with a twist...

Rodger the Real King of France said...

My ..never mind.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I just watched the whole kaboodle. If you dont hate hippies, your a pos. Mind blowing. I wasnt alive during this time, but I think in neccesary purges a simple litmus test could be "what were you doing in the 60's?" How simply revolutionary of you, right this way. A bunch of candy ass rich college kids looking to feel important. F off and die. Why arent they dead for being traitors?

Anonymous said...

The rich college kids seeking to take the revolution to the working class kids. Oh how kind of them to help us out. One of the reasons they failed then was that working class kids were more grounded in reality and were busy WORKING. Not having orgies (Dammit!), getting high, and staging riots. A bunch of spoiled beyond belief rich little narcissistic brats should a been rounded up shot NOT allowed to become teachers!

Anonymous said...

Hillary Rodham was born into a rich northern Illinois family. Right down the road from Bill Ayres. They might have gone to school together. She still believes all this sh*t, but only bits and pieces seep out when she is not looking.(or Bill gets her so mad she could just explode, and she loses it - see: "I don't channel Bill ..." of recent time)
I went to school a hundred or so miles from Kent State. We had some 'grass ins' and some demonstrations on the 'mall', but our NeuROTiC group still marched the streets from the armory to the acres of grass on the west side of the campus.
My observation of those at PU that were in the 'protesters' groups were people who found out they could get 1)attention, 2)power and 3)girls by being 'bad boys'. Not real sure of their "commitment to the cause", as we had no burned buildings, etc.
They did shout as us as we marched.

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