Monday, August 17, 2009

"Filthiest c__t in Washington," Will Rogers

Boxer could face re-election fight
of her career against Fiorina

"Do me a favor, could you not accentuate the wrinkles and lines in my leathery face? It's just a thing, I worked so hard to Botox them out. Thank you."
Democrat Barbara Boxer's quest for a fourth term in the U.S. Senate may give Californians a chance to pass judgment on Washington in the Obama era: Do voters approve of the early performance of the Democratic president and Congress? Or is it time to restore more power to Republicans, in this case to a controversial former Silicon Valley CEO making her first run for elective office?

Fiorina would bring a combination of traits to the race never faced before by Boxer: She is a woman with the wherewithal to pump millions of her own dollars into her candidacy and probably raise millions more from others. And historically, the election after a president first takes office has not been kind to the party in charge at the White House. Exhibit A is 1994, when Democrats lost control of Congress halfway into President Bill Clinton's first term.

In this case, analysts say, the 2010 California Senate election is expected to be at least partly a referendum on the policies of Obama and the Democratic Congress — from health care to immigration to climate change. And as chairman of the Senate committee

San Jose Mercury News
Mommy, daddy's peeing in his pants again.


Anonymous said...

I heard Hugh Hewitt interview Fiorina-he gave her an entire hour and this woman is a powerhouse-knows the business world and would bring some fiscal sanity to DC-but I could swear she was going to run for CA Gov-stupid brain

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly,Fiorina's
performance in the private sector was not that good.

Anonymous said...

Carly drove HP into a merger with Compaq that basically eliminated Compaq as a competitor. She walked with a big chunk of cash. Who can forget her business model to have HP sell cheap printers and expensive ink? All the things I know about her make me think that she's not one of us. Then again, an R vote is an R vote in the Senate, and sending America's dumbest Senator to the old folks home is a plus.


Rodger the Real King of France said...

Last I remembered she bought Compaq against my express wishes. But then, we're comparing her to the vilest airhead in the senate. No contesto. Some are saying,"I hear she's battling some kind of cancer," like leaving office early is a bad thing. Fiorina is a win-win, and more importantly her win would be the equivalent of a knife in Obama's eyeball.

Anonymous said...

Wow, considering all that Roger, I can see my way to giving it a stab....

Ad rem

renojim said...

I've been voting against that no good rotten b***h for years to no avail. She's like herpes, you just can't get rid of her.

Anonymous said...

Ron Nehring, the Chairman of the CA GOP was pushing this story hard on the Internet yesterday. That's bad for her, as he's the idiot that demanded Loretta Sanchez' opponent withdraw for the race last time around.

She hasn't even put her hat in the ring, while Chuck Devore -- a retired Colonel and former Reagan appointee in the Pentagon has made over 200 campaign speeches up and down the state.

The chairman's beef with Devore?

He's too conservative.

Pat R.

rickn8or said...

Pat R.
I do not understand this concept.

El Jefe said...

My father likes Devore a LOT. And he's the one who said that Reagan was a bit too soft.

Anonymous said...

Ok...let's save the label of "Dumbest Senator" for the one who truly deserves it. Debbie "I feel the effects of global warming when I fly" Stabenow.

cmblake6 said...

I would suggest that pos be turned into dogfood, but I like dogs.

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