Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Ted Kennedy Collection

A Ted Retrospective UPDATED


Anonymous said...

Google has removed it because it doesn't fit The Lefts Fantasies.


Anonymous said...

Removed for being too long. What better tribute to Teddy LongWinded?

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I thought because it was about Ted I didn't have to go by the rules. -

Here's a bonus -

"My wife sez that if I say anything about Ted's passing, I have to say something nice. So here goes:

Ted's Dead. Aint that nice?"

(From What Bubba Knows)

Anonymous said...

...and that is more respect than he deserves.

Anonymous said...

Boy howdy!

Anonymous said...

My brother helped me have a full blown moo last night. We were talking about ted's death when my brother says " Well at least he got to go to heaven." Just before i was able to breath again he explained that everyone goes to heaven to get judged. Not everyone gets to stay.

Anonymous said...

"Nice" work on that video.
So much to choose from, but Teddy-in-a-hot-pink-tu-tu was my fav.
What a load of crap his *confession* was.

Anonymous said...

There aren't words vile enough to describe my feelings for this POS

Anonymous said...

Has anyone realized yet . . . this makes John Kerry the "Senior" Senator from Mass.?

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