Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lunch on a skyscraper -1932


Lunch on a Skyscraper 1932
Reading the news drives me insane,and while blogging helps a lot, this is what I like doing best. Just for the hell of it.


~Merrily said...

You are the master of this(not to mention all that other stuff you do)!! We don't tell you enough how much we appreciate your humor and all the PoliSci/History larnin' you give free!

renojim said...


Anonymous said...

Colorize old b&w photos? Ahh, what am I missing or is it like the old one about the guy stealing wheelbarrows?

Anonymous said...

Nic pic, but needs a little musical tune.


Anonymous said...

Nice work Rodger. Has a true Norman Rockwell touch. :]

pdwalker said...

Good Lord!

I think I just wet myself!

Thanks Uncle Rodge.

Anonymous said...

"what I like doing best"
What, lunch?
Hangin' around with sweaty guys?
Looking down on NYC?
Scaring the bejeezus out'a me?

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Thanks y'all, but I am nowhere near being a topnotch Photochopper. I think in the top 25%, and I say that without modesty. Fixing old photos however is something I truly enjoy. Could have gone to work for Ted Turner when he began colorizing B&W movies, and been happy as a picker in high cotton. Made some money for it too.

Anonymous said...

"Keep Turner and his crayons away from my films." - Orson Welles on his deathbed

Jess said...

Very good indeed. I now have a better grasp of the phrase "people of color".

gregor said...

is that old Baracky on the left end there, getting his splif lit?

Anonymous said...

holy crap-a-floppy on a pogo stick!!

i've got a huge print of that exact photo on the wall of the cafeteria in the building i work in....

stare at it every damn day while i'm waiting to place my sandwich order..


Anonymous said...

wow. That is so kewl!

Rodgie - you RAWK!
[for so many reasons]


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