Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fanciful, that


Boned Jello

I remember a quotation, but not the author, that went something like this.  "What your child is taught in the first grade will take a lifetime to unteach." 

A good many hard core democrats I know growed up in households like this.  Where granny preached on how grampa had his skull cracked at Matewan back in '19.  Yessiree .  By  goons sent in by the Republican governor, at the request of mine owners intent on breaking the strike. Or, somesuch.  Ain't nuthin' what gonna make them vote for a Republican.  Nothing.   They are the original  "would vote for a yellow dog if it were labeled democrat."   Those grannies were first grade teachers.

American Jews, it seems to me, are similarly afflicted by eons of misguided, or  misdirected rules for being socially responsible, a pathway to progressive politics of the third kind.  I have no idea what's in that toxic olio, but it's 95% strong.   So, I view this headline most sardonically. 



David said...

When I was 10 my grandfather took me to the polling place with him to teach me about being an American.

We walked into the booth, pulled the lever that closed the curtain, then he showed me all the switches and how flipping them would tally your vote when you opened the curtain.

I asked him "How do you know who to vote for in each place?"

He told me "That is the beauty of this system. You see this switch on the end where it says All Democrat. You just flip that one, pull the lever and you are done."

"Remember" He added "As long as you vote all Democrat, every time, the world will be a good place."

I loved my grandfather, and for years I believed him. But I'm pretty sure that every time I drop my ballot in the box my grandfather rolls over in his grave. I am afraid though that Grandpa was right. What if the world is in the crapper it is in because I haven't been voting straight democrat all my life?

Jess said...

No, the world is in the crapper because your Grandfather voted straight Democrat all his life.

TechnoYid said...

I'm Jewish, raised in a Democrat-voting liberal household.

Only, my parents raised me to be free-thinking and to question authority.

That's why, when I turned 18, I voted for Nixon, and have never regretted voting against any and all liberals.

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