Monday, March 29, 2010

Golden Gophers

Golden Gophers
Nice euphemism, but what if you're not blonde?

Boned Jello


Anonymous said...

Roll over! Or maybe Roll Under!

pdwalker said...

Rodger! You're inducing non biblical thoughts into my poor brain!

BlogDog said...

Golden could refer to the tan on the gopher most likely unencumbered by a light-blocking pelt.
Or so it seems.
These days.
I'm just sayin.
Is all.

rickn8or said...

Aren't gophers and beavers somehow related??

Anonymous said...

And they seem to attract pigs.

JMcD said... I'm a pig.
Oooiinnk. B-)

Anonymous said...

ROLL ME OVER ! smibsid : )

Anonymous said...

"Roll over! Or maybe Roll Under!" Well, I think I'd rather Roll Into on this one. Good grief, LONG time lurker here boss, with all that's happening figured it's time to saddle up. What better time than this post, eh. Keep'em coming.


Hmmm... word verificated = bipited. No pity when you have magnificence such as this to feast your eyes upon. Thanks for all you do.

DougM said...

Gopher it!

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