Monday, March 29, 2010

Moderating moderation

Lessons Learned
Nothing annoys certain of my fellow conservative intellectuals more than when I remind them, as on occasion I mischievously do, that the derogatory things they say about Sarah Palin are uncannily similar to what many of their forebears once said about Ronald Reagan. 

Norman Podhoretz (In Defense of Sarah Palin )

I learned something this past weekend.  After reading Mr. Mamet's writing tips, and studying the style of estimable writers like Mr.  Podhoretz, I think I understand.  For instance, this was how the old me would have opened In Defense of Sarah Palin 
Nothing annoys the commie assholes in my orbit more than when I tell them that Sarah Palin is a prime example of what made us a great nation, unlike that lying piece of Marxist lickspittle shit, and Kenyan wetback we have to call "Mr. President." 
We both say the same thing, but while Mr. Podhoretz is esteemed, I'm sitting here in my underpants wondering how I'm going to buy the Winchester Model 94 I need to make me feel good about myself.  Wow. And, it's not like I didn't know the value of moderation in all things, so how did I go wrong?  Oh, that's right.  The Zoloft thing. Fkm. 


Esteve said...

Roger, you can pick up a used Marlin 336 for about half what the 94 will cost and have, IMHO, a superior firearm in all respects. However, even if you purchase on Gun Broker, you will eventually have to put on trousers and go outside. You are correct in that we all NEED a good lever gun.

Anonymous said...

AMEN Esteve !! My 336SS in thuddy-thuddy w/ LeveRevolution brings out the Patriot (and cowboy) in me...... and the squirrels also seem to avoid my 39A like the plague.

Barn Army Sous-Chef

toadold said...

The price of good lever gun (Cowboy assault rifle) is going up around my area. True the idea of a .357 Mag Marlin dances through my head but...............Where was I anyway?

Anonymous said...

My lever action in .357 mag is one of the guns I really regret having traded. With open sights, standing, I could put that bullet in the palm of your hand out to 75 yards without even thinking about it. Excellent rifle. - Vice Sgt Boone

DougM said...

In the words of that eminent philosopher, Tuco, in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, "When you have to shoot, shoot, don't blog."
(What? Well, okay, it may not be an exact quote.)

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