Sunday, March 21, 2010

How do you know when a Democrat is lying ...

Media Lying About Racist Attacks on Black Reps
By Tea Party Protesters…VIDEO PROOF

It’s come to this…


JMcD said...

Demonstrators can be heard yelling "boo".

The NYT’s reported that they were saying. “Booooon”

The NYT's didn’t do that?

Well, that’s a surprise.

root@localhost.localdomain said...

Even Fox referred to "Slurs" multiple times today without a single shred of evidence. Nanners and company made a point to walk through the crowd today, just hoping to get spit on or called whatever "Slur" so they could have some kind of "Evidence" on their side. Of course, they got nothing.

Anonymous said...

All's I know is... if I were a "NancyBoy," I'd be thinking to myself "Self! If you REALLY wanted to make the Tea Baggers look bad, you'd be right in there throwing out the n-word and the f-word and whatever explitive-word you could think of, just so's the main-stream USELESS media could run with their stories making the Conservatives look like a bunch of toothless, red-necked, clod-kickers." Think Rahm didn't figure this out already?

I do NOT condone the use of the "N-word," EVER, but in Bah-ney Fwank's case, he probably is a screamin' f-word. I'm just sayin', is all.

As they say, the Truth hurts.

Anonymous said...

Wake me when they start hanging democrats.


turing word = stole

Kristophr said...

The only "n" word they used was "No".

Wabano said...

Stroll in any 'hood and nigger is what ALL the residents call each others.

SO THAT IS THEIR NAME in any country other than the USA.

Americans are brainwashed as bad as any Soviets.

Proof? You call a communist "liberal"
which mean a capitalist for the rest of humanity.

You call a conservative locale
a "Red State", which mean bolchevik
dictatorship for all humans.

And anywhere there is a freedom party, they call themselves "the big blue machine".

What hope is there if you go along with all the bolchos initiatives? The war
is lost even before it started!

Ask any biker, their color is what matter the most!
So, the Tea party should reclaim the Freedom's color, which is BLUE!
And why call self "Libertarian", which is not a word, but LIBERAL,
which is the original word that
John Galt called himself!

Anonymous said...

Rodg you have to check out "Operation Blue Gum" Weekend Australian March 20-21
You are not going to believe it.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I just did!

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