Monday, April 26, 2010

Buncha Dogs II

Again, with some soul

I didn't like the music in the dog video I posted earlier, prolly just my mood.  Anyway, this soundtrack is more suited to me right now.  The original, longer  version (with Old Shep, etc.) is still alive on You Tube central. I have no idea why this mattered to me.  BTW, here's the ending on the first remake that caused You Tube to reject it for "unauthorized [Animal House] soundtrack usage.


Anonymous said...

Hey you fellers watching this Arizona immigration deal go down should put some icing on the cake and go get "Spy" by Ted Bell. Ole Ted has to be feeling good about his prophesies right now. BTW, Oklahoma passed this law two years ago (yawn). Made our little brown friends in OKC behave real nice.

Red Dirt Plowboy

Ed Hamilton (AZ) said...

Well, we've got half-a-MILLION of 'em here.
We don't want 'em to behave...we want 'em to get the hell out!!

Anonymous said...

"Gilligan?!? is that YOU little buddy?!? how in hell did you get off that island? and where did you get those trained dogs??"


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