Wednesday, April 28, 2010



Boned Jello

This morning I went to sign my Dogs up for welfare.  At first the lady said, "Dogs are not eligible to draw welfare".  So I explained to her that my Dogs are  mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can't speak English and have no clue who their Daddys are.  They expect me to feed them, provide them with housing and medical care, and feel guilty because they are dogs.

So she looked in her policy book to see what it takes to qualify. My Dogs get their first checks Friday.

WOW! this is a great country.



Anonymous said...

Touché! Funny, but insulting to dogs everywhere. ;D

cmblake6 said...

See if you can use any of this. Feel free.

JMcD said...

Evidently the golden retriever has a bad case of doggy B.O. and the brown Shepard mix has NO nose left after a lifetime of snorting fireplugs down by the riverfront.

Anonymous said...

My German Shepherds are like Southern Democrats: strong on defence but always looking for a hand-out.

Anonymous said...

"But Dad!! You SAID we could go swimming after lunch!"


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