Friday, April 09, 2010

Failed Children's Books


JMcD said...

The SFBC (San Francisco Book Club) after reviewing these books stated, "The F word was found as expected throughout F**k Those F**kers, the N word was not found at all in The Littlest Confederate,and the words Socialised Medicine was found only 14 times in Safe Sex Through Abortion.

Anonymous said...

Having a relative that was a Virginia Cavalry Officer during the 1861-65 rebellion, I'd buy at least one of those books. It amazes me that we have gone from playing "Dixie" at the end of the broadcast day in the South to the complete vilification of our history in my generation. - Vice Sgt Boone

Anonymous said...

X2, Anon. GGGrandfather, 2nd Texas, CSA. Deo Vindice

DougT said...

Joe Biden's Review of F--k those F--kers in the NYT Book Review:

"This book is a Big F%#&*ing Deal!"

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