Friday, April 09, 2010

Poor Muzzys

What's Not Happening to American Muslims
To hear Hollywood and the media tell it, American Muslims were the ultimate victims of 9/11. What nonsense.

It can't have come as a surprise that one of the now entrenched myths about America—namely, its ongoing victimization of Muslims—should have been voiced again by a leading citizen of our myth-producing capital, Hollywood. The citizen was Tom Hanks, and the occasion his March interview in Time Magazine in which he declared that our battle with Japan in World War II was one of "racism and terror." And that, he noted, should remind us of our current wars.

Since the events of Sept. 11, we've seen the growth of a view that American Muslims became prime victims of those terror attacks—isolated, fearful, targets of hostility. President George W. Bush, who went to Washington D.C's Islamic Center a few days after the terror assaults, told his audience that Islam was about peace and warned that the nation's Muslims must be free to go about without fear or intimidation by other Americans—remarks he doubtless thought were called for under the circumstances.

I do love Dorothy Rabinowitz. 


Gayle Miller said...

Tom Hanks is a first class actor with a third rate mind!

Jess said...

I think Hanks has never recovered from losing Wilson.

JMcD said...

Sorta first class acthole.

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