Thursday, April 15, 2010

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My Tuesday tweak at Ron Paul led to a few surprises.  Well, first came the poll that shows him tied with Obama in a 2012 match-up.  I saw that as a "Obama tied with tree" deal.  Well!  Not just from e-mails, but from people close to me (Mo Sup, and little Ro) did I learn that Ron Paul is resonating with real people.  I don't want to get embroiled in any Libertarian discussion right now (but feel free yourself), because Lord knows I've been there before.  But, who do I fear more?  Ron Paul, or the  Bernankes,  Dodds, and other apparatchiks?

In a nutshell, here's where I am now.  I would vote for Paul today before any of the other GOP front-runners with penises, because he is definitely not establishment, and would absolutely shake things up.  He's a one-man revolution. 

And one more thing.

I've always felt that the cabal that engineered Obama's election would one day see him as too great a liability, and arrange for his "hasty" exit.  I think Obama has reached that point.  I'm not saying this because I applaud it; I do not.  But a martyred Obama may now be worth more to them than the living, monstrous joke he's become. Does he have any visits to Smolensk scheduled?


Anonymous said...

If the cabal does go through as you think they might, they will be mightily surprised when they find that Bambi is not and will never be as popular as JFK and that we are not as ignorant or stupid as they think we are. Miscalcualtion always springs from arrogance.

BobG said...

"But a martyred Obama may now be worth more to them than the living, monstrous joke he's become."

But who would then become president, Joe Biden or the Teleprompter?

MoFiZiX Gr4FiX said...

Agreed! Libertarian nut-job name calling aside, Paul is a pretty rock solid Constitutionalist. His desire to dismantle the FED and the IRS are enough to get my vote. Sarahcuda as VP, would be the icing on the cake!

Eba Cnhy said...

The momentum is buuuuuiiillllllding!

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Is Duncan Hunter going to run again?

Fat Man said...

Before you think about voting for Paul, you better find out what his foreign policy & defense ideas are. I have looked into that and he would not get my support.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Paul's foreign policy is the principal reason I tuned him out years ago. My threat to vote for him is more a scream of rage over the the GOP dishing out the same old crap, than it is an endorsement of Paul. I want a someone with John Adams's temper, and Jefferson's mistrust of government. And more than a little of Ollie North's impetuousness. That person can wear a brassiere, if necessary.

TimO said...

Ohhh... nice pic of a JU-52. Ya know, Hitler used one as his Air Force One.... maybe we could let the USAF Museum in Dayton lend theirs to Obama....

Wabano said...

With the Luap Norista in charge,
you will have Sharia faster than
with moose slime Obama...

They both have the same paymasters.
Big Oil and Big Dope...

That one Yoonker 52 used to be a JU-34
single engine used as bush plane in Canada.

It had an opening roof for hoisting
down big generators...

They took the big engine off and
installed the three small ones.

Meant to make chickenshit socialist
Hitler feel safer...

Here's one with the big engine
beached at Carcross, Yukon,
behind a sternwheeler:

Anonymous said...

Square windows!

oy vey ole'

Anonymous said...

What you said is something that I've been thinking, and fearing, for some time.
I don't think the handlers expected the bloom off the rose this fast. Or that the charges of 'racism' every time he was opposed would fail so soon. Or that average Americans would quit watching 'American Idol' long enough to notice what was going on. Or that the percentage willing to trade their liberties for security of Fed slavery was smaller than anticipated.
Miscalculation, exactly.
And as Anony1 says, Obama is no JFK.
There won't be any 'legacy'.

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