Thursday, April 15, 2010

When you lose PBS ...

Boned Jello
I've always been a fan of Frontline, albeit I've noticed that things need a little filtering as the story line approaches political issues.  They tend to address those with clearly, a liberal, left-wing slant.

In this case; "not so much".....

This program (which I watched last night) reports on how the whole thing came down, the dealing that went on in the background, and how we wound up with an intricately complicated piece of legislation that is nothing more than a vast collection of negotiated concessions... and how it may well be Obama's comeuppance.

This should be required watching for all Americans affected by the health care scheme, particularly those that have any remaining faith in our government, and the clowns that represent us

Cuzzin Ricky
I haven't watched it yet myself, but here's the first comment on PBS's site.  What we call the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. 
Boned Jello
Fair and Balanced. That's what I'd call it. Fit more for Fox News than PBS. I bet the RNC research team is popping champagne right now. I have a question. Why devote so much time to the character assassination of Senator Nelson and have no on camera response or comment from him? Did you even attempt to interview him for his side of the story? Seems to me all you did is regurgitate the Right Wing talking points on his "deal." Fact is, he got what he set out for - the feds have to pay for the Medicaid expansion - not the states. He blocked the public option and ensured that no federal funds were spent on abortion. You attempted to make him look like a criminal. Please tell the public if you asked him for an interview. If you didn't, I think we've got a rail job going on here.
Boned Jello

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