Saturday, April 24, 2010

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I know this is supposed to be Only Happy Stuff Day (no Obama), but  this left me somewhat giddy, and might you too.  While is's obviously a  rank effort to make money off a meaningless poll, I'm pleased that the topic is being discussed, and had fun contemplating my answers.

What Price Should
Obama Pay?

It's time for Americans to start thinking: What penalty shall Barack Hussein Obama pay if it's proven that he is not a natural born citizen and, illegally, he has stolen the office of President of the United States? Please fill out this survey for the United States Justice Foundation.
1. Should Mr. Obama be found to lack the qualifications, as specified by the U.S. Constitution, to serve as President of the
United States of America, what do you feel should happen?
Arrested and immediately removed from office.check
Impeached by the U.S. Senate.
Removed from office during legal recourse.
Allowed to serve during legal recourse.
2. How should the rest of Mr. Obama's four-year term be resolved?
Vice-President Joe Biden or the next untainted person in the order of succession serve out the term as President.
Vice-President Biden or the next untainted person in succession serve as interim only until a national election  determines a qualified President.
Other check  Interim stewardship of McCain-Palin until special election.
3. Because Mr. Obama's fraud required several people to conspire to ignore the Constitution's qualifications, should VicePresident Biden be disqualified from serving as President as part of a fraudulent Democratic Party ticket?
checkYES NO
4. Should Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi be disqualified from serving as President for signing two Certifications of Nomination, one without the words "are legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution?"
checkYES NO
5. What price should Obama ultimately pay for premeditatedly perpetrating this embarrassing and costly fraud on the American people and our Constitutional Republic?
Prison for:
30 Years
20 Years
Ouster at a public ceremony
Loss of citizenship (right to hold public office, to vote)
6. What price should be paid by those in Congress who knew of the fraud and did not expose it?
Ban from public office
Censure and reprimand
checkOther  Execution for treason & overthrowing the U.S. government


Kaptain Krude said...

That is indeed a happy thought, Rodg. Frog march his a&& right on out of there, and take Anvil Head Biden and Hammer Face Pelosi with him. The 'news' networks would meltdown, the stock market would fluctuate and then rise, and Hollywood would be paralyzed with fear.

Mark Alger said...

I'm sorry. Isn't treason a capital crime? Doesn't the fradulent usurpation of the office of President qualify as making war on the Constitution?

If the facts asserted are proven, it seems to me the rest must follow.


Kristophr said...
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Kristophr said...

The Electoral College election is arranged so that the president candidate gets the most votes, and the vice-president candidate get the second most.

The running mate thing was a product of the attempt by Aaron Burr to highjack the third US Presidential election ... since then, the College votes in such a manner to see to it that the running mate is the vice president, and that it take more than one faithless Elector to screw up the process.

If Obama was shown to be an unconstitutional choice, the President and Vice-President would be the #2 and #3 College vote totals, and we would end up with President Biden, and Vice-President McCain.

Kristophr said...

Furthermore, the SCOTUS has ruled that Congress is the body that is supposed to have jurisdiction once the President is sworn in.

Obama is now the President. Period. Sorry bout that. Take it up with the SCOTUS.

However, bad citizenship status is a perfectly good reason for impeachment.

So what would probably happen would be an Impeachment, and removal of Obama as President. Biden would move to the President's office ( sorry ... ), and the Vice-President would be appointed by congress.

Presto the Prestidigitator said...

I have a little quibble about question 1: the Senate cannot impeach the President. The House does that. Once the President is impeached, he is tried before the Senate.

But it's a moot point anyway. The correct answer is that he should be immediately removed from office and tried for election fraud. The offense doesn't fit the definition of treason according to Article III of the Constitution.

StarBanker said...

Drag that Kenyan wetback from his bedroom, douse that fuck in boiling tar and feathered. Have Marines drag every Democrat that knew to the nearest wall and put a bullet in their head

BobG said...

Tar, feathers, a selection of rails.

an ignorant dickweed said...

Prison is useless, the next democratic administration would pardon them.

cmblake6 said...

I like StarBankers answer. :D

JeremyR said...

OK, q5 has me a little confused, how can a person who is not a citizen lose his citizenship? Are they gonna strip him of his Kenyan, or Indonesian rights?

Frankly, the entire state of Ill-and-noise should be penalized for sending his foreign ass to Washington instead of a Crook couonty jail.

IdahoHunter said...

If he is not a natural born "citizen" he is certainly not a naturalized "citizen" Therefore the only thing he could be is a is an agent of a foreign goverment. The penalty for that is what? And your little dog too. I mean Mechelle , not the puppy.

Kristophr said...

Thanx, Presto, you are correct.

That's pretty much were we are right now.

The SCOTUS has decided that congress is the only body allowed by the constitution to deal with unlawful activity by a President, once selected by the Electoral College and given the oath.

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