Monday, April 12, 2010

His SCOTUS pick will be a doozy

He sure showed us
why Obama continues to denigrate his office, and us

What's going on? According to Dr Lucier, Obama's policy is to disestablish the United States, Great Britain and Europe from the hegemony of world power, and elevate in their place the hegemony of the Third World under international governance.

Remember, Obama is a deracinated individual. He has no roots. He is a man from an Asian-Pacific background bred to no admiration for the ancient constitutional history which, until now, has reached across the Atlantic to bind America and Britain.

The president actually feels that the US Constitution, which grew out of Magna Carta and the 1689 Bill of Rights, is 'inadequate.'
[America's first Third World president.]

But now the country has got what it unwittingly voted for — and at last we have evolved beyond the rhetoric and entered into the real liberal world of the way things must be. - Victor David Hanson


JMcD said...

And Nicole said, "The guy was damn glad to git da sammich".

DougT said...

Denigrate, huh. How long are you Tea Partiers going to continue to make racist comments about our Kowtower in Chief?

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