Monday, April 05, 2010

Where's my gun, dammit!

If you're looking for trouble,
it's always there.

Boned Jello

There were but four survivors from the sunken ship the captain, a black guy, an Asian, and a white guy.  The captain announces that the dinghy they're in has room and supplies to sustain only three people, and one must leave the boat if any are to survive.  He's the only qualified seaman, and must stay.  To make things equitable, he says, I'll ask each of you questions, and the first to miss will be thrown to the sharks.

He first asks the African American, "When did the Titanic sink?
 "Monday, April 15, 1912" he quickly responds.
Very good says the captain.

To the Asian he asks, "How many perished?"
"1,503," he immediately responds.
Excellent, says the captain.

Turning now to the Caucasian, he demands "Name them."

What?  I'm a "democratic racist?"  Are you s-iting me? 


JMcD said...

Oscar winner Marion Cotillard ,decorated with the Order of Arts and Letters on Monday,felt a small prick at the ceremony.

France's Culture Minister Francois Mitterrand accidentally stuck a pin into her chest as he awarded her the citation.

Count Lysol de Sinfectant said...

We can say "black" and "white", but not "yellow". Why is that?

Klaus DeFobick said...

Hey Count...Did we go to school together?

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