Friday, May 21, 2010

Blumenthal du Jour

More Democrats being Democrats

Boned Jello

Walter Olsen at  Overlawyered has a post about today's WSJ article “The other Blumenthal scandal.” 

For more on some of the cases that have brought Blumenthal his reputation as a bully and grandstander, start here, here, and here. And William Saletan at Slate is out with the piece I wish I’d written comparing Blumenthal’s repeated misstatements on his service record with the sorts of misrepresentations for which he’s gone after marketers and other businesses over the years.

Mr. Olsen ends with what interests me most about this "Winter Soldier"

For some light on how Blumenthal happened to obtain a photo opportunity in a VFW hall to denounce his critics, check out this post by Ronald Winter.

Human crap.


DougT said...

They share fond memories of not being in Cambodia for Christmas, 1968.

Anonymous said...

Great PS!

Juice said...

You named it and claimed it, en total. two hands clapping. :}
dittos on the ps

JMcD said...

"Kiss me you fool!"

"I love you man"

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Thanks JMcD, but I don't go that way

JMcD said...

Hahahahaha....Nah, that's for the picture above.

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