Saturday, May 08, 2010


L.A. Times Declines to Endorse
Sen. Boxer in California Primary


I wanted to save this story's picture of Boxer, evidently taken between daily Botox injections, and after the pins keeping her jowls from flopping were removed.  Look what FOX NEWS named the picture. 


Anonymous said...

This reminded me... the rule of thumb has always been for the party to NOT issue endorsements in the primary elections, but here we have Sarah endorsing Carly Fiorina in the CA primary. Not that Carly isn't the right one, but what's up with that?

toadold said...

Well Sarah is not the party. She has endorsed some people I like and others I don't like. But she is more like the Club for Growth it has a separate criteria for endorsing primary candidates than that of the Republican party. I agree the Republican party should not be jumping into primary elections unless one of the candidates has been molesting children or something.

rwnutjob said...

It's a sign of the apocalypse

Anonymous said...

I don't think Sarah's adhering to a strictly libertarian agenda. I think she's just trying to unseat Democrats and keep some seats Republican. IOW, picking where to invest her endorsements.

Eli said...

Palin's endorsement of Fiorina is because Fiorina was part of "Team McCain" in '08.

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