Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chicago Schools celebrate Che?

Fasten Your Seatbelt
Social Justice Student Expo - only missing "People's"

So, we spend millions upon millions in tax money on state funded schools, students and their families sacrifice tens of thousands of dollars in tuition as they set themselves on a road to loan payments for decades into the future.... and for what? To be taught that the murderous scumbag Che Guevara was some sort of hero, that's what.

That's right, our tax-funded schools are happily indoctrinating our students in the wonderful ways of Che.

Tom Mannis of Chicago News Bench has a great post full of all the particulars, but suffice to say it is a red day at Chicago City Colleges and its so-called "Social Justice Student Expo." - Warner Todd Huston

 Obama is skipping Memorial Day observance in the nation's capitol  to be with these people?


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Alear said...

If you'd like a palate cleanser, Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive had "Don't be a Dou'Che" day a while ago. If you do click the video about one screen down, don't let your head 'splode on the audio. Joe Strummer never did like how "Rock the Casbah" got twisted, and he surely wouldn't like what happened to "Straight to Hell".

Turing word: clike, no shiite

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