Tuesday, May 25, 2010

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mrp Drudge has links to articles reporting increased Chinese aggression, Israel battening down the hatches, and NK ending all relations with SK.

Thank goodness the Dems closed down the F-22 production lines! /s

Anonymoose Drudge: Obama skipping Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. 'He'll be on vacation in Chicago' (wif his homies).

GloriaPresident cannot be serious, skipping Memorial Day ceremony???

lotpI suspect he is indeed serious Gloria - and what he's serious about alarms and angers me greatly.

Deacon BluesMost of what he's done regarding the Military hasn't surprised me. This both surprises and greatly angers me.

PappyOnly one tonight, from Joshua Stanton (continued):

If Kim Jong Il believed he had more than a few years to live, it’s hard to believe that he’d already be deifying his 27 year-old son, Kim Jong Eun, to succeed him. It is questionable that the Kim Dynasty will accomplish this in the time Kim Jong Il appears to have left on this earth, or that Jong Eun will be able to command the unquestioning loyalty of septuagenarian generals who have survived decades of purges. Once Kim Jong Il becomes incapacitated, North Korea is going to confront a severe — and probably terminal — crisis of confidence. Sooner or later, a state of severe economic or political distress will cause factions within the regime to compete for limited resources, and the North Korean state will begin to fail. Our decisions now will influence whether North Korea will be a nuked-up Somalia or a state that can be reintegrated into South Korea without a major conflict.

Somebody yelled "Whiskey on me!" and then hid in the bathroom when the checks came.  I think it was badanov.  Or Casca.


Alear said...

The definitive anagram of "The Fascist Korean Kim Jong Eun" is

Sneak thief jerks on contagium

Pretty sure Rodg gonna be top of the google list for a day or two with that one ;)

franco (needs a martini) fellini said...

The Korean situation didn't really worry me-- until now. It's deteriorating quickly. The problem is, it's impossible to know just how to treat North Korea. Be nice to them, and they shit all over you. Be tough, and they shit all over you.

The American and S. Korean policies of the past two decades make me think of "enablers"-- people who, in trying to help an addict, actually help the addiction. (You know, giving them money, a place to crash, etc.) The North Korean economy is a disaster, and the only thing that keeps the lights on in Pyongyang is care packages from a well-intentioned West. It's supposed to help the people, but in the end, "the people" means a select few in Pyongyang.

It looks like that phase is coming to an end. The biggest immediate change will be in Kaesong, where South Korean companies employ 40,000 North Koreans. As the article says, Pyongyang is kicking out all of the South Koreans working there, mostly managers. Seoul will no doubt respond by shutting off the electricity and laying off the workers.

It's a blow to the South Korean economy, but a small one. They knew this was a risky venture. For North Korea, it hurts more. They need the money. To keep Dear Leader and his entourage living in luxury, they will probably go back to selling nuclear secrets, nuclear blackmail, and counterfeiting.

The big worry is that the armistice will break down and real fighting breaks out. It wouldn't be hard for the South to win in the long run: establish air superiority, destroy supply lines, wait for the hungry commies to surrender. There are two huge problems: all of the artillery and rockets poised to destroy Seoul; and China. The Red Chinese didn't stand idly by last time, and I doubt they would this time.

Anonymous said...

How drunk was I? Anything can happen at a certain point.


Turing word = refil

Anonymous said...


Don't agree-the coming conflict, while there is the potential for 100s of 1,000s of SK civilian deaths, will be a short one. SK and the US are just too superior. Once the Norks start shelling Seoul, our air force will decimate their artillery. And fast.

Now if Kim drops a nuke on the south, wow.

And the ChiComms don't want the refuges pouring over their border so they will agree to a short one too.

Either way, it's about time this living hell hole was put to an end.

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