Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Today's Flaunt


Tim W


JMcD said...

With their money, maybe they could "flip" Detroit.

Alear said...

They may wanna flip Chicago too. I recommend this video, for reasons I can't fathom. It's so pathetic cliche, and yet that filled auditorium at the end does bother me.

DougM said...

when you transform society by good old fashioned technical inventiveness, I reckon you deserve to make a buck or two.
Hey, we ain't commies, here.

(Turing word: redsh. Hey!)

Anonymous said...

If I had that kind of money, I'd buy the New York Times and fully strip and kick Pinchy Sultzberger out flat on his ass and into late Friday afternoon traffic.

Juice said...

Dittos DougM!
I've written several responses to this post and deleted them because, K.I.S.S. is what your comment wrapped up.

So let me just add that those two men ((Steve Jobs, Bill Gates) were born to do what they did. Steve Jobs shared some life experience here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF8uR6Z6KLc

Hopefully, our country still has room for today's innovators.... short of considering them "rich" and needing to be homogenize. Or we will fade into third world obscurity.

JMcD said...

I believe in Capitalism too.

That was by way of a joke.

"Let's flip a coin."

"Nah...let's flip Detroit."

JMcD said...

By way of truth in humor, I have created a new verb (plantate)at pseudodictionary.com

plantate: to make into a plantation atmosphere as in my suggested NEW Demodcratic Party Slogan.
"Endeavor To Plantate"

JMcD said...

I used to watch a TV show called "Flip That House" about fixing up old run down houses for re-sale.

JMcD said...

Like most of the visitors here at C&S I consider myself a Conservative.
Being a Conservative is a very important part of my life but it's not 100 percent of my being.
I enjoy good food, conversation, the rare but occasional drink,and I greatly enjoy humor.
Yes, unlike my good friend Cecil Pennygretch, Conservatism is not my be all/end all,I leave room for other frames of mind.
A while back I told Cecil a joke, inspired by our stimulating conversation regarding John Kerry that went like this:
A horse walks into this bar and when he started to order a drink, the bartender said, "Hey..why the long face,"

"Hey...waitaminute", said Cecil,"what kind of decent Republican barkeep would allow a horse to step hoof into his bar?"
"That nag might get away with that shit in some Socialist utopian craphole, but not in a decent civilized country."
"Fer crisakes James, who ever heard of a f*cking horse walking into a bar?"

Ya know Cecil...you're absolutely right.....What a stupid fucking joke....
Sorry pal..........................................................

Hey....lighten up...it's another joke! ... +[Bo/>

Anonymous said...

It's neat when capitalist become so successful and rich that they become communists.

Anonymous said...

Gates an innovator who built a better mousetrap? Those of you who believe that are clearly ignorant of his path to riches. At best, he lied and cheated his way to a small pile of money, and used it to snuff out competition and innovation to create a big pile of money.

Steve Jobs did something similar when he stole the ideas created at the PARC and incorporated them into the MAC.


Juice said...

If the path to riches was fairly accurate in Pirates of Silicon Valley, you are correct Casca. But, they saw an end goal others were still missing and they ran the field with them. IMHO

Anonymous said...

oops, please delete the repeat.

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