Wednesday, May 12, 2010



JMcD said...

"Professor Pennygretch, let me ask you this....Is it possible to clone a social security number?"

Kristophr said...


The second the philosophy idjit says "the same, atom for atom", he's screwed up.

Those are two different atoms, even if they are of the same element. Quantum mechanics alone would scotch any attempt to induce sameness.

Although you could get some really neat voodoo doll effects at infinite distances by entangling all of the atoms of these two individuals.

Juice said...

Made me laugh, JMcD!

Anonymous said...

I had a very similar conversation with my idiot philosophy major roommate in college about the color blue.

His question - "How do we know what we call "blue" is really "blue."

My answer - "That is how those particular wavelengths of light appear to you." Moron.

And yes, I am an Engineering major.

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