Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Obama Fraud, Part CCCLVII

Obama’s Use Of This
Social Security Number Is Fraudulent

I saw the data on this last year.  That it's resurfaced, surfaced actually, in light of Obama's current unpopularity may be significant.  Maybe means the mother ship is getting ready for his assumption into heaven?


Anonymous said...

History will reveal all kinds of bad things about Barry. This will be the one that gets him in hot water.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, unfortunately, by the time history reveals all those things, the damage will have been done...permanently.

toadold said...

The things that will really kill a politician even when he has the Mostly Socialist Media on his side, seems to be pocket book issues and terror attacks. Compare Carter and Clinton they are both hypocritical leftist lying sacks of poo. But it was the economy and the hostage crisis the made Carter a one termer, not all the campaign promises he reneged on. Clinton got caught lying to a grand jury, but he served out two terms. In my own not too reliable opinion it will be the lack of jobs and the Middle East blowing up to tank the economy even further, that will make Obama a totally created and fake in every sense of the word, a one termer.

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