Friday, May 14, 2010


Deepwater Horizon Target
of North Korea Special Ops Service?

On the night of April 20th the North Korean Mini Submarine manned by these “suicidal” 17th Sniper Corps soldiers attacked the Deepwater Horizon with what are believed to be 2 incendiary torpedoes causing a massive explosion and resulting in 11 workers on this giant oil rig being killed outright. Barely 48 hours later, on April 22nd , this North Korean Mini Submarine committed its final atrocity by exploding itself directly beneath the Deepwater Horizon causing this $1 Billion oil rig to sink beneath the seas and marking 2010’s celebration of Earth Day with one of the largest environmental catastrophes our World has ever seen.
To the reason for North Korea attacking the Deepwater Horizon, these reports say, was to present US President Obama with an “impossible dilemma” prior to the opening of the United Nations Review Conference of the Parties to the Treat on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) set to begin May 3rd in New York.

Boned Jello

This is a follow-up to last week's post about a possible NorK oil rig connection.  Is it believable that this was no accident? Absolutely. 
That our first response was sending a swat team to the rig created the environment for speculation of this type.Coupla things immediately stand out in this story

  •   ... important to understand about this latest attack by North Korea against its South Korean enemy is that under the existing “laws of war” it was a permissible action as they remain in a state of war against each other due to South Korea’s refusal to sign the 1953 Armistice ending the Korean War (the rig was built and financed by S. Korea)

  • “impossible dilemma” facing Obama is indeed real as the decision he is faced with is either to allow the continuation of this massive oil leak catastrophe to continue for months, or immediately stop it by the only known and proven means possible, the detonation of a thermonuclear device.

It's apparent that Obama has earned the respect of absolutely nobody in the world, friend or foe. Where we were once viewed on the world gridiron as Notre Dame, now we're Prince Georges County Community College. Ouch. 


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

This rumor has been bouncing around for a while. I have been following interviews and blogs of those who have had real experience in the oil field. Bottom line:

DWH hit a very high pressure gas pocket. In fact, the oil leak is lowering as more of the volume is replaced by gas.

For some reason, the multiple layers of emergency shutoff devices failed. Time will tell why this happened. Changes will be made to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Blow out happen, even on land. There are some great youtube vids showing natural gas blowouts on land. The fireballs are quite impressive. Drilling is dangerous but necessary.

Anonymous said...

No, we're still Notre Dame, post Charlie.


Flyfish said...

the Nork boats are coastal, it's doubtful that one came across the pacific, round the horn and did this

Anonymous said...

Fly, the story is that it was barged over on a freighter, and launched from Havana.


DougM said...

Still Notre Dame,
but now the girl's team.
You know, no Gipper speeches.

TimO said...

If someone were to float that rumor about Russia or China, I might have a tendency to believe they'd have the technological capability to do it, but not the North K's.

I doubt they could get any further than Japan. Certainly not across the Pacific.

If they were going to do this, they'd attack some asset in Alaska or West Coast.

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