Sunday, May 09, 2010


A tea partier's message to
GOP Chairman Michael Steele
Tea Party Reports would like to share an insightful oped directed to GOP Chairman Michael Steele from Lloyd Marcus, a tea party activist, entertainer and self-described "un-hypenated American." Kudos to you, Mr. Marcus!
RNC Chairman Michael Steele said the GOP has not given blacks a reason to vote Republican. As a black conservative Republican, I ask, what is the GOP supposed to do; serve soul food at Republican events? In other words, I reject the concept of dividing Americans into victimized groups and pandering to them. Besides, the Democrats are masters of insulting the intelligence of Americans by playing the old and tattered victim, race and class envy cards. The GOP does not need to go down the same shameful, disgusting road.

Brother Steele, how about the GOP showing a little respect for the American people by standing up for conservative values and principles? If you do this, the people will come. Right-minded Americans of all stripes will join our cause.   So how do you, Chairman Steele, think the GOP should attract more blacks? Do we adopt “liberal lite” policies? Do Republicans prove they are “down with the brothers” by embracing a lighter version of the lie promoted by the race exploiting democrats by saying racism is still somewhat of a problem for blacks in America today?
Boned Jello
You know Marcus is driven by conviction, because any Black man who dares leap the Plantation fence knows what to expect from Liberal overseers.


Anonymous said...

I met Mr. Marcus at the Gathering of Eagles in D.C. back in March of 2007. I found him to be a very intelligent, insightful gentleman. He's also a fantastic entertainer. Mr. Marcus is exactly the kind of man we need more of in the conservative movement, regardless of race.

rwnutjob said...

As a black conservative friend of mine(yes I have one) says: "After the Civil War, the title to African Americans changed from the white slave owner to the government & they will never be free until they throw off the yoke of government dependence."


TheOldMan said...

The GOP needs to give American citizens a reason to vote for GOP candidates.

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