Thursday, May 13, 2010

PI Vietnam

Politically Incorrect Guide to
The Vietnam War

Boned Jello

Marc Miller sent a very enthusiastic memo about this book, and I will be reading it ASAP.  (Make sure you select book edition, if that's what you want).


Anonymous said...

I STILL hope Cronkite rots in hell.

Anonymous said...

Teddy too-responsible for the death of millions

tom said...

Spring of '75, my girl had just dumped me, I hadn't had a job since leaving the Navy in Sept '74, was sleeping on the couch at a friends house...
Sorry, I didn't pay much heed to what Congrefs was doing in those days, so I didn't get that they had pulled all the funding from RVN.
In retrospect, Congrefs lost the war, not the armed services. They should write a book entitled: "How to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory." no?
turing:lousse -- speaks to Congrefs, no?

Anonymous said...

I haven't voted for, campaigned for, or contributed to a damned Demonrat since the North overran the South...

And the Redumblicans haven't been much better--except for Reagan...

cap'n chumbucket

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