Thursday, May 13, 2010

Military WTF?

Thank God
This is all a dream I'll soon awake from

Boned Jello

Whew, had me going for awhile, but this gave it away.  I'm dreaming that Obama's military came up with a medal for not doing something, or “courageous restraint."  *snort*  Oh no!  That means that I could have had my way with that hot checkout clerk at Giant just now, and it wouldn't matter to anyone.  Right there on the conveyor belt!  Crap, I'm  going back there - unless I wake-up earlier of course. Oh please-please please.  Just 5 minutes more. But,  I can't wait to see who really is the president today.In this dream it's some Chicago pimp -- details fuzzy-  but JFC it's horrible.  Nationalized the auto, banking, and health care industries, plus some other shit. Oh man, I didn't remember her having a big nose ... .


Anonymous said...

Obviously the most deserving of these medals belongs to agents of the United States Secret Service.

Rodger the Real King of France said...


Guncrazy said...

They're going to be awarding a lot of these things posthumously.

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